• The Book of Kringle
  • The Miracle of Spanish Harlem

Vista Clara’s literal translation is ‘Clear View’. We embrace this as our mantra and only take on projects when we can envision the entire process. From its conception we want to know what kind of film it is, what the marketing will look like and who will watch it. Our goal is to make films that are unique. The point of view has to be original and well developed, creating what we call a clear view, Vista Clara…

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5th Dec 2011The Book of Kringle
5th December 2011
The Book of Kringle

Stay tuned for the release of this ambitious project. In the meantime, stay up to date by joining our Facebook page here

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4th Dec 2011Vista Clara takes over the world!
4th December 2011
Vista Clara takes over the world!

With an exciting year to come in 2012 with the release of The Miracle of Spanish Harlem and The Book of Kringle, Vista Clara productions is set to take over the world. Get ready to see things clearly, with Vista Clara.

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